Why are young adults spending more than six hours a day stressed out?

Why are young adults spending more than six hours a day stressed out?

Weighing up your options after leaving school can be demanding and strenuous for young people. It’s been found that students who join university and college aren’t enjoying it as often don’t explore their options. 


Should I Train My Staff?

Should I Train My Staff?

The value of staff training is conveyed through statistics that found only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged and 40% of employees with poor training leave their jobs within the first year. Keeping empolyees engaged and nurturing their skills is vital to benefit your business by making them highly capable. Upskilling and keeping emplyees content will turn over more profit. Companies that invest in employee training enjoy 24% higher profit margin versus companies who don’t.


Cyber security is an issue for all staff

A recent report by the British Standards Institute (BSI) found that 77 per cent of public sector organisations had experienced cyber security breaches, 32 per cent were caused by staff errors.Their conclusion - that staff needed training and education on cyber security issues and prevention.


LinkedIn and the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

People often ask how LinkedIn can be used to connect to the right business they need to be communicating with. They wrestle with how focused they need to be, who they should add or should they be accepting connection requests from strangers.


Should we post company content on our personal social media?

Many people have been asked by their employers in the past to support the company via social media. While I think this is a reasonable request on principle it becomes tricky when you’re dealing with peoples personal Facebook accounts that have pictures of their children on or private content. These can be hidden by privacy settings but then you find yourself having to impose rules on employees that start to fall very squarely in the realms of their personal lives.


How do I know my business social media is working?

How do I know my business social media is working?

Many small businesses have opted to run their own social media campaigns because of the costs of outsourcing simply isn’t warranted by the size of the company. The problem many of them face is, how to know if what they are doing is being effective.



Social Media and Small Businesses – Tough Decisions

Many small businesses are unsure when considering social media marketing. They know how popular it is, and they know they would like to do more. But the reality is that their current social media pages are the equivalent of that wild west town with tumbleweed blowing through. They may have tried advertising, paying the platform to promote them and even in some cases buying followers; but all with the same result….. no added value to the business.


Life after A levels

Well done to everyone who got their A level results today!

Although you may have a university place waiting for you. There are also other options including work with training or Apprenticeships. Years ago, Apprenticeships were seen as the option for those who were not academically gifted. This is not true today.



Should you fear GDPR?

GDPR has been striking fear into marketers and boardrooms alike, but what is it? Should you fear it? How can you be ready for it?

GDPR is bringing data protection into the 21st century. It stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it comes into force on 25 May 2018. That’s less than a month away. 


Benefits of Employee Wellfare

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Studies show that “happy” employees are 12% more productive in the workplace.

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