The UK’s weirdest apprenticeships

There’s an apprenticeship out there for everyone, Check out the examples bellow for some of the more unusual apprenticeships on offer

If you’re thinking university isn’t for you, a great way to further your career is by applying for an apprenticeship to get earning straight away while you train and learn your chosen profession.

From the people I have spoken to, a lot of seem to think that apprenticeships are mostly just for learning a trade like plumbing or carpentry, but now in 2018 that really isn’t the case, you can now do an apprenticeship at almost any age in any field, there’s an apprenticeship out there for everyone, Check out the examples bellow for some of the more unusual apprenticeships on offer…




Benefits of hiring an apprentice

Written by // Victor Hayes Categories // Business Development

Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way for any business to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.


Apprenticeships VS University what would you choose?

Written by // Victor Hayes Categories // HR and Training

While it can’t be denied that a degree is a higher level academic certification than the average level 3 or 4 apprenticeship. Employers are increasingly starting to recognise that apprenticeship training is often a far more practical work based application.


Getting Women into Tech Roles

Categories // Digital Technology Centre

Today is International Women’s Day, where there is a call to action to get gender parity, using the #PressforProgress. It is unfortunate that in many industries there is a chasm when it comes to the numbers of men and women in the same role such as in technical roles and technical apprenticeships.

In 2016/17, there were 491,300 Apprenticeship starts in England, of which 54% were women; but most women apprentices are predominantly in the five lowest paid sectors including  health and social care, childcare and hairdressing. The number of women recruited to higher paid Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Apprenticeships, is a very meagre, 10% of IT and Telecoms apprentices, and only 4% of Engineering apprentices. As a result, a female apprentice in England earns around £1 less per hour than men.  The imbalance in women to men ratio also continues in Higher Education where around 16% of engineering and technology undergraduates in the UK are female.


What is a workplace Mentor and what do they do?

Written by // Lee Moorton Categories // Digital Technology Centre

With the new employer focused Apprenticeship standards one big culture shift taking place within many organisations in 2018 has been to fully understand the selection and requirements of internal workplace mentors for their apprentices.


An Employer’s View on Apprenticeships

Categories // Digital Technology Centre

In the last 12 months there have been some major changes in the way Apprenticeships are funded and executed. Out of the door are frameworks and in are standards. These new standards are developed by employers for the sector and focus on knowledge and behaviours. Also in is the Levy where employers with a payroll of £3million plus pay 0.5% of it into their digital account and this pays for their Apprenticeship training, or if you are not a levy payer, you now have to pay 10% of the cost of the Apprenticeship.


Why existing staff are becoming apprentices

Written by // Lee Moorton Categories // Digital Technology Centre, HR and Training

If when you think of an apprentice, you think of a 16 year old with little or no workplace experience. You may need to rethink that image, because in 2017/18, 68% of all apprentices are over 19 and from that number half are over the age of 25.


Eight People Who Have Become Billionaires

Written by // Amyjoan Ojo Categories // Business Development

Most of the richest individuals on the planet all seem to have one thing in common and that is, they’re their own boss! Forbes recent release of the 21 richest people in the world also happens to be made up of 10 entrepreneurs, it’s no wonder the new generation is so business focused. Our Building Better Opportunities – Enterprising People programme encourages entrepreneurship through the provision of a variety of support aimed at helping you to achieve your dream of working for yourself. Find out more about the Enterprising People programme here: In the meantime, to keep you inspired, we’ve put together a list of 8 people who started out small and through a combination of passion, handwork and consistency are now Billionaires.


6 Steps on Writing the Perfect CV

Written by // Amyjoan Ojo

We get it, the job search process can get pretty frustrating sometimes. After applying for hundreds of jobs you still seem to be hitting a dead end and start to feel like you might just be wasting your time. Well don't give up too quickly - you may just need to add a few tweaks to your CV! We've put together six major tips to getting past this dreadful stage of unsuccessful applications creating a CV that can't be ignored!


Business can profit from better maths

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // HR and Training

Research estimates that poor maths skills cost the economy £20.2 billion a year. Good maths skills we are told, is one of the best protections against unemployment, low wages and poor health. How do we go about improving maths at work?

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