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Cybercrime on the increase

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The increase in cybercrime has been in the news a lot this week. Whether it is from organised crime or sovereign states, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has warned of increasing attacks on both organisations and individuals.




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How can social media help your business?

Social media is an amazing tool for expanding your business! You can use social media to widen your audience and market. It is about building and creating interactive relationships with customers.



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Improving I.T. user productivity in the work place can really help SMEs to boost their business growth and improve employee motivation and morale, enabling them to compete successfully in their sector.

With huge technological advancements changing the way we all do things in the business world; the government are currently investing a lot of energy and resources into helping companies improve their I.T. skills.


What’s the apprenticeship levy all about then?

I think its time to find out....

I’ve heard the apprenticeship levy mentioned a lot since I started working for TCHC. There is a lot of information out there and it can be confusing so, I thought I would write a blog post to get to the bottom of it and answer a few questions…



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Most businesses now use and rely on the cloud because of its convenience, reliability, cost savings and scalability.

If you are unsure of what the cloud is then it’s really very simple. The cloud is a collection of services, hardware or software apps that run over the existing infrastructure of the internet or our internal company networks.
A cloud service run over the internet is often referred to as a public cloud, while one run over your internal company network is sometimes called a private cloud.


Find out how to Successfully grow and promote your business using social media

Categories // Business Development

When using social media to promote your business it’s extremely important you do it right or it could end up being a total waste of time and resources.

By following these simple rules, you should be able to grow and promote your business successfully!


Businesses should embrace change not run from it...

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Many businesses fear change when they really shouldnt

Many businesses fear change and are quite set in their ways when it comes to running their companies, the ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’ attitude. After all, if your business is going well and has been for years, then it’s hard to sometimes see the need for embracing change and it becomes easier to ignore new possible developments.


6 steps to help you defend against the latest phishing tactics.

Categories // Digital Technology Centre

With cyber thieves getting smarter and more familiar with security systems, it is becoming increasingly more important to train staff to be aware of the pitfalls. Always keep an eye out for suspicious activity as Phishing alone costs large businesses on average £2.8 million per year. Here are 6 simple steps to stop you falling for scams.


Top tips for getting the most out of your apprentice

Categories // Leadership & Management

When taking on a new apprentice you want to make sure you get the most out of the whole 12-18-month process…

Below are 10 simple tips that will help you make the whole experience run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible



I.T. isn’t just for geeks, is it?

Categories // Marketing and Communication

There’s a popular misconception out there that I.T. is just for those with 4inch thick glasses and a horrendous sense of fashion…. but all that is changing

There’s a popular misconception out there that I.T. is just for those with 4inch thick glasses and a horrendous sense of fashion…. But this is 2018 and I.T. really isn’t just for the geeks out there..

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