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Pinterest marketing for business success

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // Marketing and Communication

There is still a huge buzz around social media when it comes to marketing, and why shouldn’t there be? It is an area that is relatively cheap and always developing. Now over 3 years old, Pinterest is a major player in the world of social media marketing. Big brands such as John Lewis and Sony use it very successfully. A recent survey suggests that in some instances Pinterest has driven more sales than Facebook and that Pinterest users spend twice as much as those who use Facebook - plus you don’t need a huge marketing budget to make it work for you.


Building teams as good as Brazil

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // Leadership & Management

The Football World Cup has just kicked off. The Brazilian team are the bookies favourites, a team full of individual talent, but in the past the team with the most flair hasn’t always been the winners. The country that lifts the world cup often has a group of players that work together, for each other and have a team mind set. In business, as in football, team work is crucial to success, so what does make a winning team?


Fake references on the rise: be prepared

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // HR and Training

In the past people might have put their best friend as a personal reference, but things have now gone to a new level. The internet now hosts sites that will help someone produce a fake reference.


Mass jobs exodus planned in 2014

Categories // HR and Training

The six weeks of 2014 has flown by, and people are still planning to implement their New Year’s resolution. How many people have said that getting a new job is their main focus this year? Surprisingly, it is 1/5 or 20%, according to a survey by the Institute of Leadership and Management.


Is your website doing the business?

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // Marketing and Communication

We live in a digital age – customers have all your competitors at a click of a button. Comparing prices, products and services is easy and instant. Therefore having an effective company website is essential to stand out from the rest.


Raising Capital through Crowd Funding

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // Finance

There is a new kid on the block when it comes to raising capital – it’s called Crowd Funding. It’s a simple concept where individuals can invest in a business or project for as little as a quid.


Reduce your costs and risk with work placements

Written by // Dale Morgan Categories // Leadership & Management

I guess my approach to my business life has been “yes I can” and to reach my goals I have always based any venture, and there have been many, on quality and service. I think this is why I feel that offering work experience placements is so important.


Customer Service defuzz the buzz

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // Business Operations

Anyone who has had to put up with poor customer service, and I'm sure we all have at times, will tell you how irritating it is. And in some cases you may have said "you will never use them again!" If this reaction is anything to go by, then the importance of customer service and in fact the impact of poor customer service cannot be underestimated. The question you should ask yourself is, "would you like to be one of your own customers?"


Feedback: A "Magic Bullet" for Performance

Categories // Leadership & Management

Feedback: A

We could all do with listening more, especially in the workplace, couldn’t we? It can help to boost performance drastically, both by working out what your business’s customers want from your SME, and finding out how your company works: best practices; which areas suffer from a lack of resources and what employees spend most time on. Whether or not your organisation achieves its overarching objectives depends on how much feedback you collect, and where it is sourced from – doesn’t it?


How to use Twitter to maximise your SME's online potential

Categories // Marketing and Communication

How to use Twitter to maximise your SME's online potential

What Twitter is

Twitter is a social networking tool which focuses on micro-blogging. Twitter users can post links, videos, photos or updates to share with followers. These ‘tweets’ must be under 140 characters, so it is really important that you are clear in what you say and that you are concise. Far from its perception by a lot of business owners of being an on-line echo chamber for celebrities, teenagers and teenage celebrities, Twitter can also be an extremely useful way of increasing your business’s potential.

It is not the only network that can be used to increase business potential and find potential customers but it is what we are going to be focusing on in this blog post.

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