Business can profit from better maths

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // HR and Training

Research estimates that poor maths skills cost the economy £20.2 billion a year. Good maths skills we are told, is one of the best protections against unemployment, low wages and poor health. How do we go about improving maths at work?


Think Positive- Mental Health Awareness Programme

Written by // Dominic Wade Categories // HR and Training

For the past three years, TCHC has increased its work with customers facing health and disability issues. In the last two years, I’ve worked on projects supporting people struggling with mental health from mild to moderate and sometimes severe.

The impact we have made has been life changing for customers as they have told me first hand, but also moving and uplifting for our Personal Advisers and Tutors who have delivered the personal development training and seen the customers grow and progress into more confident and inspired individuals. This is motivating for everyone.


Traineeships; a great recruitment tool and more…

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // HR and Training

The problem of high youth unemployment is something that all of us should be concerned about. Employers are often surveyed and the key point that they raise is that young people just don’t have the experience they are looking for. Here is the age old Catch 22 – you have to have experience to get the job, but you can’t get experience unless you develop the skills on the job. So how can this be solved? Traineeships is one answer. They are funded by the government with the aim of helping young people get valuable and real work experience, as well as developing other skills that employers are looking for like communication and teamwork. A Traineeship is tailored to the needs of the individual and employers. Here’s how they work:


Will your business pay an Apprenticeship levy?

Written by // Vega Sims Categories // HR and Training

The Government is introducing a new Apprenticeship Levy starting from April 2017. The levy will affect employers with a payroll of more than £ 3 million a year and will be put in place to encourage organisations to invest in skills through Apprenticeships. How will Apprenticeships work for non-payers?


Traineeships Support your Business

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // HR and Training

In England in 2014 (the latest figures on the government website) local authorities estimated that 82,320 16-18 year olds were not in employment, education or training. The government introduced the Traineeship programme to help support young people like this. It is aimed at 16-24 year olds and allows them to gain essential skills and experience to enable them to secure an Apprenticeship or employment, but how does this support your business? 


Chancellor Extends Shared Parental Leave to Working Grandparents

Categories // HR and Training

An announcement by the Chancellor George Osborne has opened up an interesting dilemma to businesses. His new policy for supporting working parents is to extend the shared parental leave to grandparents. This may send a few shivers down the backbone of some bosses but what will be the actual impact?


Signs, Causes and Impact of Stress at Work

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As we prepare for fireworks and bonfires give a thought to the 4 November which is National Stress Awareness Day. We all say we are ‘stressed’ from time to time, but in 2014-15 the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) report on stress stated that 45% of all working days lost to ill-health and that’s 9.9 million work days, were lost to stress.  So what is stress, how do we spot people with it and what can we do to help?


Hire or Fire ‘Yes People’?

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // HR and Training

If you are looking for an easy life as a manager you might think that surrounding yourself with ‘Yes People’ is the answer. But as a manager or owner of a business do you want to surround yourself with people that only agree with you? Will this allow you to make the best business decisions and get the most out of your staff?


Holiday pay, avoid expensive back dating

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // HR and Training

In a recent case, Lock v British Gas Trading, a tribunal awarded back dated holiday pay based on additional criteria other than standard hours of pay, in this case taking into account the employees commission. There have been a number of cases at tribunal about holiday pay. The main areas that are up for debate other than commission based pay are those on variable pay, shift premiums, overtime and discretionary bonuses.


Exclusivity Ban Reaches Further Than Zero Hour Contracts

Written by // Liz Kirman Categories // HR and Training

There has been a lot of talk in the news and on HR forums on zero hour contracts, but what are they? As it says in the name they are a contract between a worker and an employer that do not guarantee to provide any minimum working hours. It means that employees only work when the employer needs them, which is often at short notice and that their pay is dependant on the number of hours they work. A worker is not obliged to accept any work. There has been a lot of concern about such contracts as it is often the low paid that have them and with no guarantee of work,theycan make budgeting and paying bills difficult. This is especially true where some companies have had an exclusivity clause in their zero hour contract. On the 26 of May exclusivity clauses in zero hour contracts were banned. How does this affect the employer and the worker?

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