International Women's Day - 10 Women Who Changed the World!

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It’s International Women’s Day 2017! A day that was first established in New York City, 1908. This globally recognized occasion celebrates of the achievements made by women all over the world politically, economically, socially and culturally as well as the struggle faced for gender equality.

To mark this terrific day we’ve created a list of 10 great women who’ve made a significant impact on the way we live today as a result of their admirable work ethic and pretty awesome yet crucial inventions.


1. CCTV by Marie Van Brittan Brown
In 1966 Marie Van Brittan Brown, a nurse from Queens, New York was inspired to develop a system for home security due to the extreme rise of her neighborhood’s crime rate and the police’s slow response to calls for help. Marie created a closed-circuit television system which she patented in 1969.

2. The Dishwasher by Josephine Cochrane
Josephine was recognized as the first person to create a commercially successful automatic dishwasher which combined a wire rack fitted to various plate sizes, a boiler and high water pressure.

3. Noble Prize Winner, Barbara McClintock
Barbara McClintock was an American scientist and noble prize winner in physiology and medicine. She developed a new technique that allowed the visualization of maize chromosomes.

4. The Windscreen Wiper by Mary Anderson
Despite many drivers being hesitant to come to terms with a manual windscreen wiper, Mary could see the success of her invention after Cadillac and many other car companies decided to adopt the concept in their models.

5. The Electric Refrigerator by Florence Parpart
In 1914 Florence Parpart invented the concept which today allows us to preserve all our favorite meals with the electric refrigerator.

6. Paper Bags by Margaret Knight
The flat-bottomed paper bag popularly used in America was developed after Margaret realized the convenience of packed items in bags with a flat bottom. As one could imagine, she experienced a few bumps on the way one of which came about after a man named Charles Annan attempted to steal the idea. After a court battle, Margaret received the patent for her invention in 1871.

7. Wireless Communication by Hedy Lamarr
The wireless communications system was created during World War 2 by famous star, Hedy Lamarr. Her system set the base for well-known forms of technology used today such as Wi-Fi and GPS.

8. Centralized Heating by Alice Parker
Alice received a patent for her gas heating furnace design in 1919 which today plays a key role in the provision of central heating in numerous homes worldwide.

9. Disposable Nappies by Valerie Hunter
Best known for developing the first waterproof diaper Valerie changed the world of parenting completely after inventing the first disposable diaper. This achievement lead her to millions!

10. Noble Prize Winner, Gertrude Elion
Also a noble prize winner, Gertrude was an American pharmacologist and biochemist. She was known for developing a multitude of drugs using innovative research methods which eventually lead to the creation of the drug AZT, a drug which is used today as a treatment for AIDS.

It’s impossible not to recognize the great contributions these women and entrepreneurs have made to society. With the right support for your great idea, you too could one day be acknowledged as the next inventor of something awesome! Contact us today to get the support you need on your path to entrepreneurship.

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