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The problem of high youth unemployment is something that all of us should be concerned about. Employers are often surveyed and the key point that they raise is that young people just don’t have the experience they are looking for. Here is the age old Catch 22 – you have to have experience to get the job, but you can’t get experience unless you develop the skills on the job. So how can this be solved? Traineeships is one answer. They are funded by the government with the aim of helping young people get valuable and real work experience, as well as developing other skills that employers are looking for like communication and teamwork. A Traineeship is tailored to the needs of the individual and employers. Here’s how they work:

The learner is assessed in order to provide them with relevant training, mentoring and coaching to meet their needs (such as improving their English and Maths). The trainee will also undertake significant work experience of a minimum of 100 hours or up to 6 months depending on what the employer can offer and needs.  The work experience as well as the coaching and mentoring should give the learner the skills they need to focus on their career goals.

As an employer you will need to commit to supporting the learner and offer real working experience. This benefits you by providing the opportunity to train the individual to your work and trades needs whilst monitoring them to see if they have what it takes to work for you. Where Traineeships are a real winner for business is that anybody placed with you will be keen to work in your industry and in the role that you are providing the experience. You do not have to pay a salary like in an Apprenticeship.

Key areas where Traineeships can help you:


Many surveys state that recruitment is something businesses are finding difficult. There aren’t enough people in the job market with the right skills, and if there is they can come at a high salary price. Recruitment is also time consuming and expensive. A Traineeship is a way of solving your recruitment issues and finding a capable young person to take on any roles you have. You will have them with you for a minimum of 100 hours which is a reasonable length of time to show them the ropes and provide valuable experience. This time will also allow you to see if they are the right fit for your business. If they aren’t, you have given them real and valuable job skills they can use to find a job elsewhere. If they are a good fit, then you have a potential employee you can continue to develop and nurture to meet your business’s needs.

Staff development and retention

As a Traineeship employer you are asked to coach the young people you are supporting in order to develop their skills. This can be a great opportunity for your current staff to develop their mentoring, coaching, training and management skills. Most people enjoy the prospect of helping someone else, and it shows your employees that they are valued and trusted. Entrusting someone with this form of responsibility is an excellent motivational tool, keeping staff motivated and providing development are key to retaining valuable staff. On the other hand, young people who complete a Traineeship are much more likely to stay in the sector and with the employer who gave them the opportunity, meaning that the effort you put in is not lost to your business.

Career aspiration

Most of the young people who go onto Traineeships are local to the area so are likely to know something about your company. The chance to kick start a career locally is an additional motivator. Just because they have not pushed on in a career does not mean that they have no aspirations. Most have long term dreams and are keen to get their teeth into a good career.  This can make them ideal for businesses who are looking to continue developing staff to meet the commitments of the business. Traineeships are designed to feed into Apprenticeships, FE or workplace development schemes. 

The benefits of a Traineeship in a nutshell

  • Funded by the government 
  • You’ll get a keen work ready local employee
  • They’ll be sector/job focused
  • You can train them to meet your business needs
  • Flexible work experience time from 100 hours up to 6 months to suit you
  • You get time to try them out and see if they are right for you• Help you recruit the right person for your business
  • Aids with your own staff development
  • Improves staff retention
  • You’ll have helped kick-start someone’s career
  • Builds your brand locally

Is it right for your business?

The benefits of supporting the Traineeship programme are varied and meet the differing needs of employers and young people. They offer employers the opportunity to choose from a pool of motivated, determined and talented young people. If you are thinking of recruiting they allow you the time to try out the person, to see if they have what you need and you can develop their skills to meet the changing needs of your business. They may even have a thing or two they can teach you.

If you are interested in Traineeships and would like to find out more just give us a call on 01923 698 430. TCHC Group offers Traineeships across Cambridgeshire, Essex, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk.

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