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International Women's Day - 10 Women Who Changed the World!

Written by // Amyjoan Ojo Categories // Business Development

It’s International Women’s Day 2017! A day that was first established in New York City, 1908. This globally recognized occasion celebrates of the achievements made by women all over the world politically, economically, socially and culturally as well as the struggle faced for gender equality.

To mark this terrific day we’ve created a list of 10 great women who’ve made a significant impact on the way we live today as a result of their admirable work ethic and pretty awesome yet crucial inventions.



Apprenticeships for Employers

Categories // HR and Training

Apprenticeships have been hugely successful since they were made part of government policy in 1997. In the last year, over one and a quarter million apprenticeship applications were submitted online and over one hundred thousand vacancies have been advertised.

The traditional view of apprenticeships as something distinctly working class, only applicable to certain industries and supporting young people into trade or manual work is being overturned as the government and many large companies are changing this perception, and schools are following suit.


Optimising business opportunities during economic uncertainty

Written by // Vega Sims Categories // Leadership & Management

Economic uncertainty can be devastating especially for smaller organisations, as you often don’t have the same tools and resources that large companies have to manage change. According to consulting giant Accenture, following these guidelines can assist you to manage uncertainty.


Marketing: A changing landscape

Written by // Vega Sims Categories // Marketing and Communication

The marketing landscape has changed significantly in the past few years with the shift mainly driven by new technology, changes in customer needs and the evolution of consumer tolerance.

A few years ago marketers were talking about customer relationship management and brand management to drive loyalty and retention. Fast forward a few years and the new buzz words are customer engagement and brand experience. So you may ask, what is the difference? Notice that these management words have evolved into less authoritative terms, engagement and experience.


Continued growth, by jumping the S-curve

Written by // Vega Sims Categories // Business Development

To secure sustained growth, an organisation must have the ability to jump S-curves at the right time. Doing this effectively separates an organisation from the pack and puts them in the star player category. The ability to climb and jump S-curves distinguishes star players from those who never manage to transform brief periods of accomplishment and single wins into an ongoing series of successes.


What Will the New Work Programme Mean to Organisations?

Written by // Vega Sims Categories // Business Development

The DWP has recently released an updated Work Programme prospectus giving more details of contractual arrangements with providers, but what does this mean to employers?

To summarise, the Work Programme is central to the Government’s plan to reform welfare-to-work provision within the United Kingdom. The programme will replace a large portion of the numerous existing programmes that support unemployed people and will be designed to assist a range of people back into sustained work. Providers will be given the flexibility to design support during the bidding process based on specific customer needs.


Just How Useful are Business Case Studies?

Written by // Ben Thornhill Categories // Business Development

The business case study is a much vaunted business development weapon, but what is your experience? For me, a case study is not something that, once completed, should be filed away somewhere as an example of good practice and never used.


What Can Government and Business do to Help SMEs Grow From Here Forward?

Written by // Dale Morgan Categories // Business Development

With the long awaited emergency budget announcement tomorrow and the last two years of recession, my mind has turned to thinking about what the Government needs to do to encourage and help SMEs through the recovery and into a new period of sustainable growth.