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International Women's Day - 10 Women Who Changed the World!

Written by // Amyjoan Ojo Categories // Business Development

It’s International Women’s Day 2017! A day that was first established in New York City, 1908. This globally recognized occasion celebrates of the achievements made by women all over the world politically, economically, socially and culturally as well as the struggle faced for gender equality.

To mark this terrific day we’ve created a list of 10 great women who’ve made a significant impact on the way we live today as a result of their admirable work ethic and pretty awesome yet crucial inventions.



The Future of Business Support in the UK

Written by // Vega Sims Categories // Business Operations

Department of Business, Innovation and Skills recently published details about their plans for future business support in the UK. For those who haven’t read the details, I’ve summarised the main points below.


The Importance of Using a Business Diagnostic

Written by // David Leyserman Categories // Business Operations

A business diagnostic can refer to an activity or a tool used to carry out the activity and of course there are different tools for different jobs. Some diagnostic tools are quick and dirty questionnaires while others are elaborate exercises with scientifically validated outcomes. Diagnostics range from a general business health check through to drilling down into a multitude of specific business areas.