How to use Twitter to maximise your SME's online potential

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How to use Twitter to maximise your SME's online potential

What Twitter is

Twitter is a social networking tool which focuses on micro-blogging. Twitter users can post links, videos, photos or updates to share with followers. These ‘tweets’ must be under 140 characters, so it is really important that you are clear in what you say and that you are concise. Far from its perception by a lot of business owners of being an on-line echo chamber for celebrities, teenagers and teenage celebrities, Twitter can also be an extremely useful way of increasing your business’s potential.

It is not the only network that can be used to increase business potential and find potential customers but it is what we are going to be focusing on in this blog post.


Optimising business opportunities during economic uncertainty

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Economic uncertainty can be devastating especially for smaller organisations, as you often don’t have the same tools and resources that large companies have to manage change. According to consulting giant Accenture, following these guidelines can assist you to manage uncertainty.


Marketing: A changing landscape

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The marketing landscape has changed significantly in the past few years with the shift mainly driven by new technology, changes in customer needs and the evolution of consumer tolerance.

A few years ago marketers were talking about customer relationship management and brand management to drive loyalty and retention. Fast forward a few years and the new buzz words are customer engagement and brand experience. So you may ask, what is the difference? Notice that these management words have evolved into less authoritative terms, engagement and experience.


The basics of a CRM strategy

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The ultimate outcome of an effective CRM strategy should be customer loyalty and increased customer life time value, which will positively contribute to your bottom line.

As a rule it is more expensive to recruit a new customer than to re-serve an existing customer, as the relationship of trust already exists. It therefore makes good business sense to spend some time on developing a CRM strategy that engages your customers.


Should I fall for last minute offers from Ad Sales Reps?

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For many smaller businesses, making decisions about advertising can be difficult, especially if you have a persistent advertising sales rep on the telephone trying to flog you, what may seem to be, a bargain / deal not to be missed.  Before you fall for the crafty salesperson’s charm, there are a few things you should always consider first. So take a breath, ask them to send you information via email, and politely put down the phone so that you can assess the opportunity objectively.


The EU cookie law: Nightmare for small businesses

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As some of you may be aware the EU’s Privacy and Communications Directive has sneakily come into play on 26 May 2011. The directive requires users to give consent before a website can use cookies. Just to explain - cookies are text files that help organise and store browsing information. Things like Google Analytics, live chat software and most Open Source content management systems (CMS) like Joomla and Drupal use cookies to track a website’s visitors.


Would competing on price help you achieve sustained growth?

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In the current economic climate it might seem very tempting to change your pricing strategy in order to compete on lowest price, especially if other organisations are clearly benefiting from under-pricing. Before you start slashing prices, you should evaluate if it is the best option for your business.


Realigning your product/service portfolio to the markets that you’re facing today

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There is one constant in today’s market place, one thing that we can count on without fail, the constant of change.

In today’s markets the cycles of change are accelerating, with that in mind your customers’ wants and needs are also evolving and changing at an accelerated rate. How then do you keep track of these changes and how do you offer products and services that serve your clients and your business goals?


Strategic marketing plan checklist

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Strategic planning is an integral part of any organisation, but for small business owners this may seem like a daunting task. I have compiled a strategy checklist below to help you cover all the angles.


Corporate Christmas Cards: A Worthwhile Gesture?

Written by // Joseph Marren Categories // Marketing and Communication

So it’s that time of year and you need to start sending out your Christmas cards. It’s not supposed to be an unpleasant ordeal. You can get the cards you like, you’ve got your list of contacts, you can write the cards with a traditional, generic message and off you send with plenty of time to spare.

Except for businesses it’s not always that simple. When you send Christmas cards to clients it is not down to an individual, you are representing your company and it is important to represent them correctly and responsibly.

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