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Do You Know Your Employees' Redundancy Rights?

Written by // Joseph Marren Categories // Redundancy

As an employer, you have a responsibility to treat your employees fairly. This means keeping a good level of communication and respecting your employees’ rights at all times.

Employees’ rights become especially important when redundancies are made. A series of Redundancy Rights are in place to preserve the best interests of both parties in this situation.


Statutory Redundancy Pay

Written by // Joseph Marren Categories // Redundancy

In periods of economic difficulty it is often necessary for a company to reshuffle its structure. This sometimes means that a job disappears and an employee becomes redundant.

In the event that they are made redundant, an employee may be entitled to receive compensation which can come in two basic forms, either statutory redundancy pay or contractual redundancy pay.


Understanding Redundancy Pay

Written by // Joseph Marren Categories // Redundancy

Assessing the risks of redundancy or understanding the rules can all seem very complicated for both employees and employers.

Redundancy is usually an unpleasant experience for both parties but the best way to deal with this is to communicate and keep everyone well informed.