Advanced Warehousing and Storage

This Advanced Apprenticeship in Warehousing and Storage will give your warehouse staff improved skills and so ensure that your facility is run efficiently and effectively and that your clients receive superb service  Our Level 3 warehousing qualification is  outlined below. The units can be chosen to suit the requirements of the apprentices and your business.

The Qualification

Mandatory Units:

  • Contribute to the provision of customer service in logistics operations
  • Provide leadership for your team in logistics operations
  • Supervise the receipt, storage or dispatch of goods
  • Take responsibility for health, safety and security in your team

Choose units from the following to suit your business needs:

  • Moving and/or handling goods in logistics operations
  • Use equipment to move goods in logistics operations
  • Process returned goods in logistics operations
  • Sort goods and materials for recycling or disposal in logistics operations
  • Check stock levels and stock records
  • Maintain the safety and security of hazardous goods and materials in logistics operations
  • Allocate and check work in your team in logistics operations
  • Inducting new colleagues into a logistics operation
  • Manage your own professional development in logistics operations
  • Recruit, select and keep colleagues in logistics operations
  • Build and manage teams in logistics operations
    Schedule logistics operations to meet customer requirements
  • Arrange the transportation of goods using multiple transport modes

The qualifications are achieved through teaching, learning on the job, e-learning, workshops and assessment. On completion of the Apprenticeship the apprentice must be able to undertake the full range of duties, in the range of circumstances appropriate to the job, confidently and competently to the standard set by the industry.

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