Another apprenticeship myth...

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Apprenticeships are just for those who are not academic? TCHC'S Marketing Executive, Beth, knows otherwise:

Another apprenticeship myth...

Brick layer, butchers apprentice, mechanic, plumber and farm hand. The typical, non-academic, job roles that may instantly come to mind when you think about what jobs are available by doing an apprenticeship.

But as much as these roles are available via the apprenticeship route, there is a far wider range of courses (standards and frameworks) that are on offer to school leavers. At TCHC we offer everything from: Assistant Accountant to Digital Marketer. It isn’t just for students who prefer to be doing practical work or who don’t have the patience to concentrate on facts and figures.

Case in point. Myself. I have a degree, having gone through three years of university education (admittedly not enjoyed it as much as I was promised I would) and come out with a, not awful, degree. I am now doing an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing, on top of my full-time job (yes, that is also possible). Digital marketing isn’t just about working with photographs and webpage layouts, it involves a lot of writing, which is both creative and academic.

Whilst I wouldn’t describe myself as ‘academic,’ I am not someone who’d be well suited to a job as a mechanic or plumber, and luckily apprenticeships have come a long way from being pigeon-holed as just for those types of work. It is fantastic that if you don’t want to go back into school after 16, still want to achieve qualifications but want to get into the ‘working world’ asap, you now have the choice to do both.

Apprenticeships are just as much for academics as they are for those more inclined towards manual labour. We have more choices than we may first realise.

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