Businesses should embrace change not run from it...

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Many businesses fear change when they really shouldnt

Many businesses fear change and are quite set in their ways when it comes to running their companies, the ‘if it’s not broke don’t fix it’ attitude. After all, if your business is going well and has been for years, then it’s hard to sometimes see the need for embracing change and it becomes easier to ignore new possible developments.

Change however doesn’t need to be a bad thing and being able to recognise opportunities for positive change and evolve your business in our fast-paced world, is an important skill to have.

Upheavals in your business team, new regulations and requirements or new circumstances in your market or industry are all necessary processes to evolve and grow as a business. This shouldn’t be scary... it should be exciting and rewarding, but you need to take the time to learn and understand what the right changes are for your company.

Set a series of questions to try and determine whether it is necessary or will improve your processes. For example, new technology could help to streamline your business efficiency and expand your market. Always have in mind that change can be an opportunity to build something new and better.

It is important to innovative and embrace new forms of technology and processes available to your business having an innovative approach will help you stand out as unique from the crowd.
For example, Odeo, a podcasting app, realised early on that iTunes had cornered the podcasting market. So, they decided to try something different and transformed Odeo into a little app called Twitter…Twitter is now worth over $4 billion. I’m sure at the time of creating twitter they were apprehensive, but they must be incredibly pleased now that they embraced that change when they did.

If you are the leader of a company then people are looking to you as their skipper to navigate them through the journey of your business. Good judgement, careful consideration and a clear decision-making process are all vital to smoothly opening new possibilities and opportunities.

It’s not easy to decide when to take advantage of change, but by taking the time to ask the right questions and keeping on top of what’s happening in your industry making the right decision to change at the right time will be much easier.

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