Cyber security is an issue for all staff

Cyber security is an issue for all staff

A recent report by the British Standards Institute (BSI) found that 77 per cent of public sector organisations had experienced cyber security breaches, 32 per cent were caused by staff errors.Their conclusion - that staff needed training and education on cyber security issues and prevention.

This is something many organisations over-look, but it is an easy win against breaches, many of which are caused by phishing emails, and these are getting increasingly sophisticated e.g. the mimicking of banks and software companies.

Many HR teams are now working closely with IT teams to put in place training and procedures to protect both their staff and the organisation from falling for cyber-attacks. Putting in place training at induction and ensuring continued updates and training to staff will help keep your business safe. If you think that your employees will not fall for such things – think again. The sophistication and cunning of scammers puts all staff at risk – so for the sake of a short training course, why jeopardise your business?

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