Fake News About Being An Apprentice

Fake News About Being An Apprentice

Myth 1: Apprentices work for free.

It’s commonly mistaken that an apprenticeship is cheap labour. However, apprentices are entitled to at least minimum wage.  It’s been reported that the average apprentice earns £17,019 a year – which is impressive considering you’re also gaining a qualification.

Myth 2: I’m limited to what I can do through apprenticeships.

FALSE. It’s actually surprising how many successful employment opportunities apprenticeships facilitate. You can become a space engineer solely through an apprenticeship, a crime scene photographer or social media/digital marketer. Of course, there are a lot of familiar well-paid options too such as accountancy, IT, banking, engineering…

Myth 3: I’m too old/young to be an apprentice.

As long as you’re over 16 anybody can be an apprentice.

Myth 4: I need to go to University to be successful.

University is often perceived as a more guaranteed route to getting the job you want. You can obtain a degree level qualification through both. Working as an apprentice give you real life experience. You have the upper hand of impressing employers and being offered a permanent position before you even finish your apprenticeship. Work experience as well as a good qualification is highly valued by companies and businesses.

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