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When using social media to promote your business it’s extremely important you do it right or it could end up being a total waste of time and resources.

By following these simple rules, you should be able to grow and promote your business successfully!

Follow the one-in-seven rule
This rule is about not over promoting your business, research shows that people get fed up of constant business promoting and they switch off. You want to engage your readers and you do this by sharing valuable interesting content. Only one of your posts should overtly promote your business, the other 6 should be engaging and helpful posts, including posts from the community. This however doesn’t mean you can’t promote your business in those other posts, just make sure it’s subtle and paired with great content.

Ask conversation-starter questions
Questions should engage with those you are posting to. They should inspire them to refer business and give insight. For example, if posting on Facebook you should ask people to comment on topics that are relevant to your business and that are interesting to them. You might offer a giveaway competition. Things like this can really help to grow your audience and promote your business effectively.

Share your expertise
Post fun facts that aren’t so well known in the form of questions, include special offers for the first person who answers correctly. Encourage more people to engage and interact with your posts to reach a wider audience.

Provide value
You can post friendly useful advice like tips on best practices, guides on things and offer special deals on your services and products. It’s important to create content that really benefits your followers.

Enhance the rewards for virtual check-ins
You can offer rewards for people who check in to your business/ On Four Square you can offer double points and triple points for bringing a friend. This will then notify their friends on social networks. Their friends will then be able to see where they have recently checked in/been, these tactics help you to expand your reach and get your business known.

Avoid syndicated messages
You can use tools that enable you to post the same post or message across multiple social media streams making it a much easier and faster process. Make sure that if you do this, you adapt the content to the network.

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