How to check if you’ve got the real deal this Black Friday

How to check if you’ve got the real deal this Black Friday

As Black Friday is fast approaching, if you live for the rush of venturing out to the swarmed shops full of bargain crazed shoppers, you’re probably very excited right now. The one day a year your shopping addiction is justifiable because these sales are unrivalled, think again. 87% of Black Friday goods are cheaper at different times of the year. However, you can work out if splashing your cash on these sales is really worth it. 

You can still take full advantage of Black Friday and save money if you know how to. Instead of being blinded by the big shiny 40% off tag, take some time to work out how much money you’re really getting off. By using Maths, you can work out how much the percentage is taking off the price.

If you’re buying a coat for £40 and its 35% off and you want to know how much it will be after, you take the £40, divide by 100, and then times that by the percentage, 35, then take your answer away from the original price. So 40 ÷ 100 x 35 = £14. You then take £14 away from £40 giving you £26. 

You often see things being advertised as get 3 for the price of 2 or spend over a certain amount to get £5 off. Often this is a way to tempt you to spend more money. It may seem you're getting more for your money - which you might, but if you only need one of something don't just buy another because you'll be getting one free.

Maths is essential in everyday life whether you like it or not, and they’re all also many ways you can further your Maths skills. At TCHC we offer Maths on out Class2cloud flexible learning platform.

Some quick tips for any sales that are 5%, 10%, 20% or 50% off. If a sale is 10% off then you can just divide the original price by 10 and take that away, if its 20% just double this and 5% just half it! If its 50% off all you need to do is half the original price. 

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