Is Cloud Computing Beneficial To Your Small Business?

Is Cloud Computing Beneficial To Your Small Business?

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular within businesses. Understanding the disadvantage and advantages can help you get the most out of your cloud provider.


Cloud computing is the most cost-efficient method to use. It’s a common misconception that Cloud is only accessible to large companies that can afford it, however it is available at much cheaper rates than traditional desktop software. Additionally, it cuts the costs of paper storage and you only pay for what you use – it’s easy to scale up or down. Cloud gives you an almost unlimited storage capacity.

Cloud storage can also be used as a backup. If anything was to happen to important documents, you can simply backup and recover the lost document.

Once you’re registered on the Cloud documents and saved information is accessible anywhere at any time with internet connection. You don’t need to send documents in the post or by fax.

With these advantages there also comes disadvantages…

Although information is easy to access through the cloud this also makes security an issue. Cloud-powered technology means that your service provider has access to important business data. You should research and use customer reviews to find a reliable Cloud provider. It’s important that you can trust who has access to all your company data. Furthermore, storing information in the Cloud makes your business vulnerable to external hacking and attacks.

Being able to access data anywhere with internet connection is great - but it is internet dependent. This can lead to your business ultimately being suspended. If all your data and important documents are stored in one place that needs internet connection and it goes down, you’re out of business till its reconnected. With any technology you’re always susceptible to technical issues. 

To summarise cloud can reduce costs, time, make accessing data/lost data easier but it does come with its drawbacks. If you’ve got a small business, it could benefit dramatically from using a reliable cloud provider. 

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