Is social media still so social?

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Is social media still so social?

Intended and marketed to get and keep people better connected. Creating virtual photo-albums and being able to keep up to date with family and friends in separate countries, view concerts and events through live-streams. Social media was made for opening communication.

But reports now show that despite this instant connectivity, more people are feeling socially isolated.

With follower numbers becoming a competition, photos so easily, instantly and widely shared, our lives can become a social competition. We are now seeing digital exclusion resorts being advertised as holidays, just to escape the internet and social media, more apps for parents to stop their children spending too much time locked into a virtual world, so they’ll engage more at home.
It has thrown up the question of just how social -or anti-social- is this digital media?

Yet more jobs are now being made from these virtual domains. Social media co-ordinator would have never been a job title 20 years ago, a career as a ‘YouTuber’ was un phantom able and marketing water that’s sold in edible packaging? Never.
And this wouldn’t happen if it weren’t for the fact that social media is something millions of us are engaging with daily. Sharing images and text with our friends and family.

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