Redefining what being social is.

Redefining what being social is.

Leanne Benoliel is the founder of The Social Club- TSC-, like the popular socialising site ‘Meetup’ it aims to encourage women to get together and enjoy time being social without any pressure to always be chatty. Her own career in HR spans almost 10 years, moving from job title: Senior Executive Assistant to CEO at Creative & Cultural Skills Sector in London, now a partner of the MODEST digital marketing group and founder of TSC.  

The Social Club is a place which encourages its visitors to re-define the meaning of being social. 

Benoliel came up with the idea of The Social Club after having her second child and feeling as though all the questions aimed her way were simply about her new title as ‘Mum.’

With social events such as: Social Sweat at the Little Theatre -which runs every Monday and Friday morning in Saltburn- Benoliel organises events for women and children supporting business growth and networking in the community, describing it as ‘Networking events for the Millennial Women,’ her website also features profiles of inspirational women in the North East, those who are setting up their own businesses with social inclusivity and/or ecology in mind. 

So much pressure is now on us to be social all the time, to be vibrant and busy 24/7, then post about it on social media as proof. It is refreshing to find someone who is ‘calling ‘bullshit’ on this mindset.

“I’ve realised being social to me is being in the presence of others without having to make massive effort, I thought people needed me to make. Being silent some days doesn’t make you socially awkward. If you’re having a chatty day, notice those having a quiet day and ask them how they are. If you’re both having a quiet day, realise that you can still be “social” and keep one another company.”

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