Should I Train My Staff?

Should I Train My Staff?

The value of staff training is conveyed through statistics that found only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged and 40% of employees with poor training leave their jobs within the first year. Keeping empolyees engaged and nurturing their skills is vital to benefit your business by making them highly capable. Upskilling and keeping emplyees content will turn over more profit. Companies that invest in employee training enjoy 24% higher profit margin versus companies who don’t.

The apparent downside to staff training is the cost. Many smaller businesses are heistant to train staff due to percieved high cost, however, there is staff development courses avaiable that businesses may be eligiable for to elimate or reduced costs. 
The benefits staff adavncement bring to a business outweigh the cost of training. Expenses used to pay for training can be recouped by more effective staff. “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”- Benjamin Franklin. Visit for more information on funded training or contact your local enterprise partnership. 

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