Social Media and Small Businesses – Tough Decisions

Many small businesses are unsure when considering social media marketing. They know how popular it is, and they know they would like to do more. But the reality is that their current social media pages are the equivalent of that wild west town with tumbleweed blowing through. They may have tried advertising, paying the platform to promote them and even in some cases buying followers; but all with the same result….. no added value to the business.

While a social media marketer could be a solution for the business this can be expensive and in the case of external people creating content for them these content writers will never understand their business the way their team do. A low or no cost alternative is creating a collaborative social media policy within the organisation where every member of the team contributes to content, supports posts and has a commitment to growing their own (business) social media platforms.

For more information on how to  promote your business by creating your own no cost social media strategy, that utilises the power of your team and not your wallet, then get in touch

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