Stand out Women in STEM

Stand out Women in STEM

From Pharmacologists, Space Structures Engineers and even Social Media Influencers. Women make up only 23% of those in core STEM occupations in the UK despite the amount of increasing technology jobs. There are people from the past and current who should be celebrated for their efforts towards getting more females in STEM. 

Caroline Herschel was a very special astronomer in the 1800s. Born in Germany she moved to England and against her mother’s wishes she pursued her love of astronomy. She was the first woman to discover a comet. She was later employed by King George III becoming the first woman to be paid for scientific work. Caroline has a comet, an asteroid, a crater on the Moon, a space telescope named after her and even has a Google Doodle. Caroline paved a path for women working in STEM, specifically Science.

Jasmine Afia is the founder of style statute, a photographer, vlogger and oh - she’s also a financial solicitor. The London based business woman runs her own social medias, on top of her other enterprises, uploading pictures that give us style envy and beautiful photography on @afiajasminephotography. Jasmine is the prime example of a modern-day woman showing younger girls that girls can do STEM – you don’t have to be a mathematical genius.

Diane Greene is one of Googles highest-ranking female executives and is leaving her current job to work in education. She will be focused on initiatives that combine technology with in-person teaching to make high-quality education that doesn’t cost a lot and can be tailored to the student. Diane is contributing to the movement of making STEM more accessible to everyone so more of the younger generations, especially girls, take more STEM subjects.

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