Three Life-Changing Future Technologies

Three Life-Changing Future Technologies

The advancing world of technology continues to change our everyday lives. Dreams, driving and school at home.

Watching your dreams

Have you ever wanted to watch one of your dreams back? What if you could revisit meeting your favourite celebrity? We forget 90% of our dreams. You can now sleep in an MRI machine and have your dreams recorded then later reconstructed to watch back. So, in theory, in the future you will be able to record your dreams and watch them.

School at home

Another future evolving idea that could soon become reality is mainstream online education. I know what you’re thinking… yawn, but, think about all the times you’ve wanted to stay in bed for an extra half an hour or tried to convince your Mum you couldn’t possibly go into school when you’re that ill. Being able to access essentially a class room from your phone or a computer is a bizarre concept to a lot of us. At TCHC we offer a flexible way to learn online and gain qualifications called Class2Cloud. Traditionally learning only happens behind four walls at a small desk and for six hours a day but with Class2Cloud you learn when and where you want to. Get in touch and read more here

Self-driving cars

You might never need to get that Uber home ever again. Cars that drive themselves are already a reality thanks to people like Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla. Although fully driverless cars aren’t ready for consumer use yet. It’s been predicted that driverless cars won’t hit our roads in a noticeable way until 2020 but by 2040 95% of new cars sold will be fully autonomous. To a world where driverless cars used to just be a futuristic fantasy in fiction films this proves how quickly technology is developing. Got ideas of your own? Check out our IT Qualifications available with Class2Cloud.

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