Remember, remember, your Password

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Remember, remember, your Password

One of the most important things to remember when keeping your electronic documents safe, is to keep your password private and make sure it’s a difficult one for anyone else to guess.

We all have so many accounts for multiple sites, possibly multiple email address that require separate login details and social media accounts too. Due to this it is now highly recommended that we have different passwords for every site we log in to, to protect any valuable personal info and bank account details from scams, phishing, identity fraud and/or pure embarrassment.

But not so difficult that you won’t even be able to remember what password you set.

Passwords should not include:
Your date of birth
Your name, or a member of your families
The place you live
Something incredibly easy combination: 1234 or abcd

However, if a place or name is the easiest thing for you to remember, mix up the characters: using 8 instead of B, £ instead of E and 6 instead of b. Include plus or equals signs as ‘spaces’ and have the word spelt backwards.

If you do have a lot of different accounts that you regularly use, it may be worth keeping a secure file on your phone, so the passwords are easily to hand.
To make this easier, Google chrome has a built-in setting that remembers your password for you, extremely handy for use on personal laptops or your computer at work.

The bottom line, keep your passwords difficult for anyone else to work out…but not so difficult that you constantly have to reset them because YOU have forgotten it.

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