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Remember, remember, your Password

Written by // Beth Categories // Digital Technology Centre

Remember, remember, your Password

One of the most important things to remember when keeping your electronic documents safe, is to keep your password private and make sure it’s a difficult one for anyone else to guess.


91% increase in ransomeware attempts

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Surveys are showing that more and more Criminals are launching even more online attacks on businesses than ever before!

Among the surveys cited was one by Corero Network Security, which recorded a 91% increase in ransom attempts between the first and third quarters of last year.


6 steps to help you defend against the latest phishing tactics.

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With cyber thieves getting smarter and more familiar with security systems, it is becoming increasingly more important to train staff to be aware of the pitfalls. Always keep an eye out for suspicious activity as Phishing alone costs large businesses on average £2.8 million per year. Here are 6 simple steps to stop you falling for scams.


Getting Women into Tech Roles

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Today is International Women’s Day, where there is a call to action to get gender parity, using the #PressforProgress. It is unfortunate that in many industries there is a chasm when it comes to the numbers of men and women in the same role such as in technical roles and technical apprenticeships.

In 2016/17, there were 491,300 Apprenticeship starts in England, of which 54% were women; but most women apprentices are predominantly in the five lowest paid sectors including  health and social care, childcare and hairdressing. The number of women recruited to higher paid Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Apprenticeships, is a very meagre, 10% of IT and Telecoms apprentices, and only 4% of Engineering apprentices. As a result, a female apprentice in England earns around £1 less per hour than men.  The imbalance in women to men ratio also continues in Higher Education where around 16% of engineering and technology undergraduates in the UK are female.


What is a workplace Mentor and what do they do?

Written by // Lee Moorton Categories // Digital Technology Centre

With the new employer focused Apprenticeship standards one big culture shift taking place within many organisations in 2018 has been to fully understand the selection and requirements of internal workplace mentors for their apprentices.


An Employer’s View on Apprenticeships

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In the last 12 months there have been some major changes in the way Apprenticeships are funded and executed. Out of the door are frameworks and in are standards. These new standards are developed by employers for the sector and focus on knowledge and behaviours. Also in is the Levy where employers with a payroll of £3million plus pay 0.5% of it into their digital account and this pays for their Apprenticeship training, or if you are not a levy payer, you now have to pay 10% of the cost of the Apprenticeship.


Why existing staff are becoming apprentices

Written by // Lee Moorton Categories // Digital Technology Centre, HR and Training

If when you think of an apprentice, you think of a 16 year old with little or no workplace experience. You may need to rethink that image, because in 2017/18, 68% of all apprentices are over 19 and from that number half are over the age of 25.