4 Ways to Boost Staff Morale

4 Ways to Boost Staff Morale

Low staff morale in the workplace doesn’t make for a happy, supportive or generally productive team working environment. In-fact you may find the workforce to be overly-competitive or lazy and with a high staff-turnover instead, which reduces the company’s productivity, creates more work for the HR department and potentially lower revenues.

So, here we have 4 simple ways to help you improve your staff morale.

Learning and development training

Regular training of employees should become a part of your company. This will enable employees to develop their personal and professional skills as well as their careers. Statistics show that 40% of employees with poor training leave their jobs within the first year. Evidencing just how valuable training can be to staff retention rates.

The Return on Investment exceeds expectation when analysing employee performance, satisfaction and morale after training. By providing training opportunities, employees feel valued, more confident themselves and the company.

Provide regular feedback and coaching

Communication is key.
Positive relationships between a company and its staff reflect on the work outcome and therefore, sales and revenue.

Employees should feel that their hard work is being recognized, this can be done through positive as well as constructive feedback and praise.
Constructive criticism should be delivered so that the employee knows where they need to improve and when. In doing so, the company is providing adequate opportunity for the staff members to improve their skills and learn from mistakes. Keeping the lines of communication open always maintains a level of trust between employer and employee.

Re-evaluate your company’s culture

While pay is a dominant factor to interest in a company, the company’s culture is what retains the interest and in the long run, drives the employees to work in line with the business’ goals.
All companies -should- strive to have a positive and uplifting work environment, where all staff feel positive about their jobs and are proud of what the business creates.
The culture in the workplace should work in line with the company’s values, standards, beliefs, mission and purpose.

Make notes of special occasions. 

Have fun! Providing your staff with perks (other than their salary)
Even if you’re a start-up, perks don’t have to cost a lot. On special occasions, such as birthdays, a card and some celebratory snacks will mean a lot to the employee and make them feel valued. Do you produce a staff newsletter? Mentioning a staff members key achievement from that month is more than likely to make them feel proud and specially acknowledged. Celebrating a milestone for the company? A couple of bottles of midrange fizz would surely go down a treat!
Or you could go down the Legally Blonde route, how about a ‘Snap’ cup?

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