Apprenticeships VS University what would you choose?

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While it can’t be denied that a degree is a higher level academic certification than the average level 3 or 4 apprenticeship. Employers are increasingly starting to recognise that apprenticeship training is often a far more practical work based application.

With the average university student acquiring an average debt of £50,000 plus £5,000 in interest, while an apprentice over the same three-year period can potentially earn 40k+ and be completely debt free, with qualifications and better job prospects, people are starting to ask the question is university really for them?

Apprenticeships offer valuable hands on practical experience that employers often prefer to degrees, so this presents a pretty good argument for choosing an apprenticeship that will get young people earning straight away.

Some of the university graduates we have spoken to have told us that they have found it very difficult finding a decent well-paid job after graduating, especially without any relevant work experience in their preferred field. A lot of university graduates are faced with having to do an unpaid or poorly paid internship to gain the necessary experience and many cannot afford to work for free. This is backed up by national statistics which show 50% of employed graduates are not in roles that require their degree.

Many people have therefore questioned the value of taking on a 50k+ debt for a qualification that gives you limited employment options, the government have stated recently that there are no plans to waive university fees, leaving many young hopefuls wondering ‘is it all worth it?’

If you were a young person considering your options what would you choose?
Let us know below... we would love to hear your opinion.

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