Top tips for getting the most out of your apprentice

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When taking on a new apprentice you want to make sure you get the most out of the whole 12-18-month process…

Below are 10 simple tips that will help you make the whole experience run as smoothly and effortlessly as possible


1. Make sure there’s a welcoming environment: The first day is always very important, for your new apprentice this can be a very nerve wrecking first few hours. Make sure everyone provides a warm welcome to alleviate their first day nerves and help your apprentice to relax and settle in.

2. Make sure your apprentice has a Mentor: having just left school (most likely) your apprentice will work best with ‘work place friends/mentors.’ Many schools use similar methods to this, so your apprentice will be familiar with the concept. It will make them feel comfortable and provides them with a great chance to meet new people, gain advice and bring a refreshing perspective to any issues that may be encountered.

3. Make sure to set clear goals and objectives: Make sure your apprentice knows what is expected of them. You may know what you want them to do, but unless it’s made clear, then there’s not much chance they will be able to guess what you’re thinking….

4. Make sure they are supervised effectively: many young apprentices are sometimes a bit worried to ask for help, so make sure you are easily approachable and have the time to guide them effectively and appropriately.

5. Make sure you monitor their progress: by tracking their skills, knowledge and ambition from the start of the apprenticeship. Offer continuous advice/training where needed so you can show your apprentice their achievements, giving them a boost in confidence. It will highlight where they need to make improvements showing them the areas they need to focus more of their energy on, and help them to understand and see the whole picture in a positive light.

6. Make sure you communicate effectively: always be prepared to have an open ear and be a good communicator. Take the time to not only verbally communicate with your apprentice, but to also listen, helping you to get a better understanding of your apprentice and enable you to get the best out of them.

7. Make sure your apprentice understands your business: an apprenticeship should give a person an understanding of the entire business as well as their area of work. Make sure you link up your apprentice with other departments in your company, this will really help your apprentice to understand your business culture, so they can provide and develop fresh ideas.

8. Make sure you set the example, setting a good example, and practicing what you preach is very important, you wouldn’t want to tell your apprentice to do something that you wouldn’t do yourself! You must set a good example.

9. Make sure you really develop your apprentice: an apprentice isn’t just there for the apprenticeship, research shows apprentices remain the most loyal members of your team and you should offer them an opportunity that best fits them within your company.

10. Make sure you both learn from the experience: think about what you’ve learnt from the whole process and what you have experienced. Your analysis will help you refine your apprenticeship training skills, so you can perfect the experience and the process.

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