Customer Services - Advanced Level

Upskilling your staff with an Advanced Apprenticeship in Customer Services will help to improve your all round support and handling of customers. Whether this is dealing with issues and complaints or offering advice and guidance.

Our Level 3 in customer services will offer your employees all the tools to make their customer service a premium service which will make your business stand out from the crowd.

The Qualification

Mandatory units:

  • Manage personal and professional development
  • Organise and deliver customer service
  • Resolve customers' problems
  • Principles of business
  • Understanding customers and customer retention
  • Understand the customer service environment

choose from the following units

  • How to monitor customer service interactions and feedback
  • How knowledge resources and service partnerships support customer service delivery
  • Sales activities in a contact centre and how to close a sale
  • How to obtain and analyse sales-related information
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • How to manage performance and conflict in the workplace
  • How to manage incidents and collaborate with other departments in a contact centre
  • How to use social media tools and channels
  • Our qualified tutors will listen to your business needs and tailor the training around your business and sector. 

The qualifications are achieved through teaching, learning on the job, e-learning, workshops and assessment.

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