Lone Parent Support

Lone Parent Support 

The programmes' focus is to give single parents the skills and confidence to get a job. Our experienced Personal Advisers will offer practical advice and support. The programme is flexible to accommodate the needs of the participants' circumstances.
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Who’s it for? 

It is for anyone aged 18+ who is currently claiming benefits and a lone parent.

What does it consist of? 

The programme has been designed with flexibility to meet the needs of the client group.
The purpose is to give participants confidence and to develop their employability skills, so that they can get a job that suits their needs.
The course runs from 10am until 2pm.  
Each participant will have an Individual Advice and Guidance session. In this session, they will work with a Personal Adviser to look at their current skills levels, work history, employment needs and their aspirations. 

The participant will: 

• A one-to-one in-depth assessment to determine the right support
• Develop employability skills
• Job search and interview techniques
• Advice on becoming self-employed or starting a business
• Work placement opportunity
• Accredited employability training
• Continued in work support available for up to 13 weeks

Additional bite-sized courses that include: 

Social skills and development, motivational skills, confidence building, communication, personal and social development, managing your own money, identifying your skill set and behavioural development 
Throughout the programme the participant is mentored by a Personal Adviser who will support them with their work trial, job search, interviews etc.
They will be on hand to discuss any experiences and challenges they may face while on the programme.

Follow-up Support 

Where appropriate they will be referred on to other programmes to help them reach their goals.
This may include additional skills training or our Practical Skills for Business course should they seek to become selfemployed. 

How much does it cost? 

This course is fully funded and there are no fees for any participant.

How to get involved

 To find out more or to book a place please contact TCHC on 01923 698 456