My Future NEETs and Pre-NEETs Programme

Helping NEET and Pre-NEET young people to Succeed

What is My Future?

My Future is a programme for young people aged 15-24 who are not in work or education (NEET), to help them get on the road to a brighter future.
The programme is designed to give young people the confidence, motivation, skills and qualifications to get them into work, an apprenticeship, work placement or education.

Who’s it for?

Any young person aged 15 – 24 who is not in work or education and who live in Cambridgeshire, Fenland or West Norfolk.

How it helps?

My Future is tailored to the needs of each individual so that they can get the support they need to achieve their goals.
The programme delivers success and will ensure that young people who are NEET or pre-NEET have a better future.

We support young people to:

  • Get a job, work placement or Apprenticeship place
  • Prepare for Interviews: How to answer tough interview questions
  • Build their Confidence and motivation: Develop techniques for achieving success
  • Fine tune their approach: Learn how to catch the attention of employers. 
  • Ongoing mentoring and coaching while they need it.
  • Qualifications: in Maths, English, ICT etc. 
  • Start their own business through business start-up training and support – if that’s their dream.

What does it cost?

As this programme is funded, it is free. There may be further financial assistance available to cover travel and other costs.

Where is it held?

We run this programme throughout the area. Call us on 01923 698466 to find a My Future near you.

Find out more

Contact and we'll be in touch to book your place or call 01923 698466 today.