Redundancy Legal Advice

Sometimes employers can pass off your dismissal as redundancy when it is not. You should seek legal advice if:

  • Your employers have been hiring lots of new staff prior to making you redundant
  • You are the only person being made redundant, or one of just a few people in a large company
  • You have had a bad relationship with your employer
  • You have encountered discrimination at work before.

These examples all suggest that you are possibly being fired for something or being discriminated against, rather than being made redundant because your job is no longer needed.

You are also not made redundant if you resign from your job. However, if you take voluntary redundancy then this does count and you are still entitled to redundancy pay. The Citizens’ Advice Bureau can help you if you are having a redundancy dispute with your employer or if you are not sure whether your employer is making you redundant on legal grounds.

If you are in fact at risk of redundancy, have been made redundant or are claiming JSA or ESA, then TCHC can help you feel more at ease. You can contact our Skills Support for Redundancy staff using the contact box below. They will be help you with any worries you may have. Our programme can help you build confidence and demonstrate your skills to develop your career. We also run business enterprise and start-up courses for people with aspirations to support them in becoming their own boss.

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