Staying Positive!

Positive Attitude in the Workplace

During your redundancy consultation it is essential that you maintain a positive attitude in the workplace. If you come across as negative or focus too much on past grievances with your employer, then you are not going to give them sufficient reason to keep you on. Also, showing that you have a positive attitude can impress future employers and make them more likely to take you on.

Here are some tips for staying positive in the workplace.

  • Be solution-minded and not problem-focused. If a problem is within your scope of responsibility, then you should not leave a problem unsolved
  • Give the best of yourself at your job. This means keeping up to date with developments in your sector, keeping your skills and knowledge fresh, and coming to work each day with the willingness to do well
  • Never criticise anyone. If you criticise people to a current or future employer then you give them the impression that you might criticise them behind their back. It does not leave them with a good impression of you
  • Stay away from gossip. Employers might think that you are lacking in honesty and integrity
  • Be constructive. Look at any problems as an opportunity to learn and grow as a result
  • Be a good news reporter in your organisation. Look for good things happening in your organisation and share this news with your friends and social contacts
  • Be productive. Try to structure your day effectively
  • Be pleasant. Find something nice to say to all your colleagues when you see them.

Dealing with redundancy emotionally

Redundancy is a difficult time. To help you get through it, here are some tips to help numb the pain.

  • Stay positive. It may seem difficult, but thinking positively is a sure-fire way to success in all aspects of your career
  • Keep working. You need to keep motivated and active. Keep working until the end, and when you have finished, turn your job search into a job
  • Never lose hope. Although your situation may seem dire, don’t lose sight of the future and never give up.

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You're keeping positive, but where do you go from here? Find out in the next part of our redundancy survival guide.

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