Qualities Employers Look for

Qualities Employers Look for

Before you start applying for jobs it is important to understand the qualities that employers look for and the value you can bring to their company. Here are the top qualities that employers value in their candidates:

  • Intelligence: Intelligence affects your capability and productivity in the workplace. Candidates with a high level of common sense and the ability to get on with day-to-day tasks are highly prized by employers
  • Leadership Ability: Employers want someone who is able to take charge of a task, delegate when the need arises and take responsibility when things go wrong.
  • Integrity: Employers like candidates who will not bad mouth their previous employers but who will speak honestly about their experiences and put their hand up when they do not understand or make a mistake.
  • Likability: Employers like candidates who they will get on with, and who will be kind, considerate and mindful of others
  • Competence: Employers like candidates who can get on with a task and do it well without lots of assistance.
  • Courage: Some employers want risk-takers and people who are not afraid to speak up when there is a problem or who will voice their opinion when appropriate. Candidates with courage are prepared to make themselves heard and fight for what they believe in.
  • Inner Strength: Employers like candidates with perseverance, who can strive through even when things seem hopeless.

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