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Kirsty Negus

GAPS BAsildon centre manager - Bowlers croft

My name is Kirsty Negus and I am the Centre Manager at GAPS Basildon - Bowlers Croft...

I have 34 years of experience in Hairdressing but for the past 3 years I have focused on Further Education, I bring a wealth of knowledge with me working in FMCG and B2B for the past 19 years. 

My passion is education and giving learners the tools they need to achieve their dreams. At Bowlers Croft we work with the learner to get them work ready to gain employment. We are a small team who are working towards the same goal. The team help learners to build confidence, resilience, independence and community spirit. This happens through enriched lessons which explore local industries and robust employer partnerships. 

We support British Values such as equality and diversity, respect, tolerance and inclusivity. It takes a community to bring up a young person and here at Bowlers Croft, we believe we support this.

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Jamie Andalucia-Brown


I'm Jamie Andalucia-Brown and I am the Centre Manager at GAPS Basildon - Southgate House...

I have been here since June 2023 and took on the role of Centre Manager in October 2023.

I have been working in education for around 17 years, and my passion has always been and continues to be, helping young people into education. Also supporting them in overcoming barriers to learning and achieving personal goals and qualifications.

GAPS Study Programmes gives young people the opportunity to undertake education in a way that more meets the young persons needs. Which allows them to work towards qualifications – Vocational, maths & English, Personal & Social Development, in a small class environment with a condensed timetable attending 4 hours per day, 4 days per week. Learners also get opportunities of invaluable work experience and support throughout their learning journey.

Our dedicated and passionate team are here to support young people in achieving their goals and look forward them progress and grow.

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Stacey Gibbs


I’m Stacey Gibbs, Centre Manager at GAPS Dunstable Centre...

I have been here for over 2 years. Prior to this I have had 11 years’ experience of working in education. I have supported all areas of Special Educational Needs, supporting a range of different abilities throughout this time, and this is my passion.

Being able to give everyone and anyone the education they deserve, in the way they need it, in a way that makes sense to them. This is why I am also the EHCP Coordinator for all our GAPS Centre’s.

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Emma Carpenter


I'm Emma and I am Centre Manager at GAPS Ipswich...

Welcome to GAPS Ipswich! As Centre Manager, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share the vision and values that guide our work.

Since April 2023, I have had the privilege of leading this GAPS Centre, bringing over 15 years of experience in education, with expertise in Alternative Provision, Inclusion, and Behavior Support.

Our talented staff share my passion for empowering young people to gain not just qualifications, but the personal skills and confidence to thrive in their next steps. Our Tutors take the time to know each Learner, supporting their educational and personal growth. Together, we help Learners build confidence, resilience, independence, and community spirit. This happens through enriched lessons, exploring local industries, robust employer partnerships, and an inclusive culture.

The most rewarding part of my work is seeing our learners succeed. Though my job has many facets, it is the learners progress that makes everything click into place.

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Kelly Wise


I’m Kelly Wise, Centre Manager at GAPS Peterborough Centre...

I am Kelly Wise, I started with TCHC in October 2022 and worked on two different programmes before becoming Centre Manager at GAPS Peterborough in March 2023. I have worked with young people across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire for over 25 years in a variety of different settings; schools, youth groups, community outreach, children’s homes and more. I feel blessed to have met, supported and encouraged so many local young people to develop their skills and confidence and achieve success.

GAPS Peterborough is a happy, welcoming centre; our ethos is “nurture, growth and development” and our mantra is “be kind – to yourself and others”.  We ensure all learners are seen, heard, valued and have a sense of belonging.

The team deliver engaging, informative and relevant sessions which give learners the best chance of completing and achieving their qualifications which are designed to meet the differing and individual needs of the learners. 

Throughout the learners’ journey there are many opportunities to enhance their skills and experiences “beyond the classroom”, to develop their self-confidence, belief and worth and encourage them towards independent living.

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Shannon Jordan


I’m Shannon, Centre Manager at GAPS Thurrock Centre...

I have been based at GAPS Thurrock since August 2023, previously in the Centre Administrator role. As of March 2024, I moved into the Centre Manager role and look forward to supporting our centre and its learners in achieving their full potential going forward.
I have worked in education in Thurrock for the last 5 years and am a qualified teacher myself. I have experience in primary education and a strength of mine is building a learning environment that both enriches and challenges students. I believe in breaking down barriers to learning and equipping young people with the skills to achieve their goals, advocate for themselves and thrive in the wider world.
GAPS Thurrock is a study programme which provides tailored education for young people with diverse needs and SEND. The exceptional staff team of Tutors and LSA’s recognise the benefits of getting to know the young people in our centre well and using that to support them in progressing both academically and personally. The lessons in our centre are specific to the needs of our learners and are taught through a range of engaging methods. Our wider curriculum emphasis is on fostering confidence, independence, and essential life skills for success.

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