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If you are out of education or training and want to gain qualifications, work experience, confidence and self belief to achieve your dreams, our Basildon GAPS Centre (Southgate House) Study Programme can help you.

We’ll develop a tailored package of support and goals to help support your individual needs. Working in small groups, our friendly and experienced tutors will help you to progress towards your next steps in life.

As a participant in TCHCs GAPS Study Programme you will have the opportunity to gain vocational skills and qualifications, including maths, English, skills for work and work experience.

Your programme will include:

  • Vocational Aim
  • Maths & English
  • Life Skills
  • Work Skills
  • Work Experience

Courses we offer

Jamie Andalucia-Brown

Thurrock GAPS Centre Manager

I have been here since June 2023 and took on the role of Centre Manager in October 2023.

I have been working in education for around 17 years, and my passion has always been and continues to be, helping young people into education. Also supporting them in overcoming barriers to learning and achieving personal goals and qualifications.

GAPS Study Programmes gives young people the opportunity to undertake education in a way that more meets the young persons needs. Which allows them to work towards qualifications – Vocational, maths & English, Personal & Social Development, in a small class environment with a condensed timetable attending 4 hours per day, 4 days per week. Learners also get opportunities of invaluable work experience and support throughout their learning journey.

Our dedicated and passionate team are here to support young people in achieving their goals and look forward them progress and grow.


TCHC works effectively to include learners with complex needs. We have the facilities and expertise to work with learners with special educational needs in the areas of:

  • Sensory and physical needs
  • Cognition and learning
  • Communication and interaction
  • Social and emotional difficulties
  • Mental health
  • Learners with complex communication difficulties (ASD)

Our provision proudly consists of a personalised and flexible programme of support, which is updated regularly, to give our learners a positive learning experience.

All courses will be accredited through National Awarding Bodies.

Financial Support

This programme is fully funded. For eligible learners, we may be able to provide support covering costs such as travel and meals.

Please click here to see if you are eligible for financial support.


TCHC takes its safeguarding responsibilities very seriously and we want to ensure that all people using our centres and services are kept safe from all forms of harm.

We believe it is everyone’s responsibility to:

  • Respect each other’s right to feel safe
  • Treat others fairly and with respect
  • Not to threaten, hurt or abuse others

It is important you feel safe, if you are worried or concerned about yourself or someone you know, please talk to us:

Alex Pazik – Safeguarding Manager (07732 684738)

or please email: [email protected]


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Take a look at our Careers page which can offer you information, advice and guidance.
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Get tips and tricks to help with CV writing and interviews...
Take a look at our Careers page which can offer you information, advice and guidance.
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